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    Company Introduction C&J Jeng Yang Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. Initially, it depicted itself as the specialist/consultant offering the various kinds to tools, mostly the hydraulic tools, and the maintenance service to the contractors of telephone line construction, electric power companies, contractors of utility work in Taiwan With industry integration expertise we provide professional solution to accommodate customers’ specific needs. We have obtained the highly reputation among our clients due to our outstanding performance with thanks. And now, not just keep dedicating our excellent service, Jeng Yang Co., Ltd. focus its view on the Safety Equipment and Facilities at..
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    Tien Hsin Chemical stresses the manufacture of huge balloons for promotional and advertising purposes. Products range from Latex balloons, Decorator balloons to Giant Advertising Helium Balloons, Parade balloons, Blimp Helium balloons, Hot air balloon shape balloons. Cold air Dis..
    Company Introduction TMC Magnetics & Machinery Corporation was established in 1971. It mainly manufactures horizontal plastic injection molding machines, marine equipments, parts & accessory, automatic powder compacting press, magnetic DC motors, magnets, electrical sco..

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