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    Company Introduction Amaoto Industrial Co., Ltd. has been specializing in speaker since its establishment in 1988. With 16 years of experience in manufacturing quality speakers, we can supply all kinds of speakers ranging from diameter 13 m/m to 12 inch. And we promise that we will be strict to our quality of product standard in order to make customer have good right. Besides, we also provide excellent service to our customer. We guarantee we must make you satisfy with our product and service. Therefore, if you have any question about our product, you can tell us. We will give you early reply. Furthermore, we look forward to searching a good business partner. If you are interested, please..
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    Company Introduction Company Profile: Yung Fu Shing Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 which is specialized in manufacturing the precision cold rolled stainless steel strips in coil. Based on the completely whole sets of production lines and machinery equipment, we..

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