Optical and Photography Equipment / Automated Optical Inspections
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    Company Introduction Manufacturer of test equipment, MDA, ICT, ATE, functional/ combined testers. Main Products automation test solutions- (1) functional test fixtures- press down units, MMF ( mechanical manual functional ) fixtures, simple/ vacuum/ VXI/ tescom shielding test fixtures, PFT-8801 function test for PC motherboards/ notebooks/ laptop mainboards.(2) ICT & MDA test fixtures- genred single/ double side vacuum/ pneumatic fixutures, viper double& single side/ jet double& single side test fixtures.(3) distribution business- contact probes, automatic testing lines/ optical inspection systems, boundary scans, PCB warpage test systems, automation equipment, automation s..
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    Company Introduction Manufacturer of designing automatic testing equipment, including in circuit tester ( ICT ) , automatic test equipment ( ATE ), automatic optical inspector ( AOI ) , IC tester. Main Products (1) board testing- circuit board testers, smart in circuit test..

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