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    Company Introduction Lantech Industrial was established in 1986, and we are the induction heating specialist in Taiwan, has been perfecting the concept with pinpoint accuracy and optimum efficiency. For the past 20 years, our company has been manufacturing a wide range of induction heating machines and electrical equipments for metalworking industries. In 1995, Lantech Industrial started to adapt Transistor type induction heating to replace the traditional Vacuum Tube induction heating. It is amazed that the heating efficiency increase 30 ~ 40%, the machine life increase 200%, but the weight and the volume reduce 100%, this success will be our always pride. Our latest trans..
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    Company Introduction Leading U.S. provider of Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery, with headquarters in South California, production facilities in Taiwan (ISO 9001), Europe R&D center in Italy, and worldwide strategic branches in US East coast, Russia, Italy, China , India,..
    Company Introduction Prejection industrial corporation was founded in 1987 as manufacturer of electronic coil, air coils, electric coils, antenna coil, RFID coils and power choke. Long–standing experiences, advanced technology, uncompromising insistence on quality and con..

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